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So we've added three new items to the shop. Let's make your lampshade dreams come true!


Plog-it are beautiful coloured cord sets with the oh so elusive SWITCH on the cord! Now you can hang your pretty shade pretty much anywhere and cord itself becomes part of the look! 

ceiling canopies

Single port ceiling canopies - Simple and elegant for hanging your shade as a permanent ceiling fixture. The selection is usually pretty dismal at the hardware store so we're offering these three new items. 



Uno Slip Adapter

Uno Slip adapter - This hard to find adapter slips over European (aka Ikea) lamp sockets allowing you to add a standard harp and lampshade with spider fitter. Super handy for switching out the boring shade on that Swedish lamp.



And let's not forget diffusers. Unless you enjoy staring directly at a bare bulb. Laser cut in Laval! I found the perfect natural white polypropylene material 1/8" thickness. Diameters from 8" up to 16". Custom sizes are available with a delay of two weeks.

jenny san martin
Tissu Urbain

« C'est par un discours posé et réfléchi que Jenny San Martin ma raconté son parcours après plusieurs détours, la voila enfin sur la bonne route. » - Sylvie Laberge

jenny san martin
Rona sur Parc

In local news...

Rona on avenue Parc in Montreal’s mile end is not your typical Rona. They have everything you’d expect at a hardware store but then tip toe up stairs and you’ll find you’ve entered a a design and decor wonderland.

This past December at the Salon des metiers d’arts I met one of the managers, Nathalie Veillen. She had been noticing that her clients were often looking for  lamp shades and they love buying local. So we partnered up!

Are you a retailer? Contact me at to see how we can work together.

jenny san martin