How do I choose the correct lampshade fitter?

Here is a guide to help you choose the right fitter for your lampshade.

Can I visit your workshop?

Yes, you can make an appointment by contacting the studio.

Can you recover an old lamp shade frame?

It depends on the shape but I’m able to recover most round oval and square shapes.To be sure I would recommend sending a photo or stopping by the studio.

Can you customize or adjust the fabric designs to match my current colour scheme?


What is the fabric printing process?

Jenny San Martin Design products are printed in Canada using a reactive dye process that allows for a wide gamut of colours.

Reactive dyes create a very high level of colour fastness. Given that the reactive dye in the inks actually reacts with the fiber, it actually becomes part of the fiber, resulting in excellent wash fastness. Also, the fixation process fixation process ensures that the print is permanent. All fabrics go through a 3 step wash process.

What type of ink/dyes do you use and are they harmful?

Reactive dyes are used in the digital print process. They are water soluble and once fixated, they are not considered harmful.

Is the printing permanent?

Reactive dyes are the most permanent of textile printing. Once printed our fabrics resist excessive running and fading, and remain colour stable throughout your creative process. Colours will always leech from any fabric, however it is very limited with the reactive dye process.

Is the printing process green?

Digital printing is very much a green approach in regards to textile printing. There is little if any wasted fabric and the rip technology drops the exact amount of ink so waste is limited.

Can your fabrics be used for commercial projects?

Yes. The designs can be printed by request on a variety of fabrics suited for commercial projects. A fire retardant can be added to meet code requirements. There is a minimum order of 25 yards for this process.