Lampshade fitters

Use the guide below to help you choose the right lamp shade fitter.


Washer fitter

A Washer fitter (also know as a Spider) is the most common fitter. Most large shades have washer fitters. If your lamp has a harp, then you will need a washer fitter. The harp consists of 2 metal posts (known as a HARP) connected to the base of the light socket. These posts run next to the bulb up through the washer fitter atop the bulb and is fastened by a finial which screws on to the top.


Flame Clip

A Flame Clip fitter is most commonly used on standard flame-style bulbs found on chandelier fixtures. The shade clips directly onto the bulb.


Bulb Clip

A Bulb Clip fitter clips directly on a standard light bulb. This is common for desktop lamps and smaller-sized shades. If the shade is large or heavy, consider a different fitter, because the bulb must carry the entire weight of a bulb clip shade. "Standard" drop for a Bulb Clip fitter is ½".  


European fitter

A EUROPEAN resembles a large, flat washer, with the thickness of a penny and inner diameter of 1 9/16.  The European fitter slips onto the socket, and then a plastic or metal cap gets screwed on to hold the fitter in place.  The European-style fitting is becoming more and more popular.  Imported lamps, and lamps purchased from IKEA or Pottery Barn almost always require European fitters.


Slotted Washer

A Slotted Washer fitter is similar to a regular washer, except they have a cut-out slot which slips over the electrical cord of your lamp. This is common for pendant lighting suspended from a ceiling electrical cable.  The inner-dimension of a slotted washer fitter measures 1/2".