How do I choose the correct fitter?

The American spider fitter is intended for use with a harp and finial. If your lamp has a harp, you will need a shade with a spider fitter. The spider fitter sits on top of the harp, is secured by a finial.The hole opening is 1/2 inch.



The European fitter fits most Ikea lamps and   pendant cord sets. No harp is needed. The shade attaches directly to the lamp socket and is tightened with a ring. The hole opening is 1 5/8 inch.

Can I visit your workshop?

Yes, you can make an appointment by calling 514 647 3180 or email info@jennysanmartin.com

Can you recover an old lamp shade frame?

It depends on the shape but I’m able to recover most round oval and square shapes.To be sure I would recommend sending a photo or stopping by the studio.

Can you customize or adjust the fabric designs to match my current colour scheme?